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Welcome to the website of John's Central School . We appreciate your interest in our School, and hope you will enjoy your time learning about our community, the programs, and the character of John's.The heart of the School’s aim is the intellectual, cultural and social development of all pupils in a context of mutual esteem and sensible order.

Our students learn from an experienced, dedicated and enormously talented faculties, who challenge, inspire, encourage and nurture the tender minds to reach greater levels of perception. There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities on a daily basis as well as through inter-school competitions. Music, drama, sports, art and various clubactivities give children a wide range of choices that appeal to different interests and skills. Our house system engenders healthy competitions in both sports and participation in academic and leisure pursuit

John's encourages parent participation in a number of support roles. We have an active Parent Teacher Association and a Class Representative system that facilitates communication between the home and school. Parents contribute to the extracurricular programmes and volunteers in the academic session of the school.

The school is situated in Anjugramam,Jonns Nagar Anjugramam. We are well served by our fleet of modern school vans which flies to the most parts of Kanyakumari District.