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Behaviour reflects the academic and social progress of a student. We expect our students to behave at all times in a manner that reflects the culture, traditions and beliefs of our society and is conductive to a positive working environment. The administration and staff of Johns Central School believe that it is important to encourage and reinforce positive behavioural patterns and rely upon parental support and co-operation to accomplish this objective.
Students should behave according to the following guidelines at all times:


Be punctual for school and all classes.
Respect the rights of others and avoid disturbing or interrupting the classes.
Respect and co-operate with Management, faculties, non-teaching staffs and other students
Complete the assigned class work.
Work quietly during class and follow all the instructions of the faculties.
Obtain the permission of the teacher before asking questions, moving, or addressing the class.
Have all materials required for each class.
Remain in class until dismissed by the teacher.
Keep the classroom and School premises clean and tidy at all times.
Avoid rough games in the playground.
Walk quietly and orderly in the corridors when moving around the School.
Sit quietly in the bus. Be alert to the instructions from the driver.
Respect School property and the property of others.
Behave in an honest and honourable manner

Unacceptable Conduct:


The following types of behaviour are unacceptable and should be avoided at all times.

Displaying a negative attitude towards society and the school.
Usage of electronic gadgets like Mobile phones, pen drives, thump drives, i-pods, cameras etc… inside the School premises is highly prohibited.
Showing disrespect in any way towards religion, honour, or honesty.
Taking or damaging property belonging to the school or other people.
Defacing the walls or other School properties.
Smoking or involvement with illegal substances (drugs/alcohol).
Tresspassing on school premises during holidays.
Showing disrespect towards others.
Malpractice during tests or examinations.
Falsifying school reports and certificates.
Dealing with videos, pictures and magazines which are unacceptable in our society.
Fighting, bullying or violent behaviour towards others.
Throwing, swearing or using abusive or any unparliamentarily language.
Throwing or using objects in a manner that may hurt others.
Playing or looking around rest rooms.
Chewing gums while on school premises.
Littering the playground or campus.
Any other conduct deemed in appropriate or unacceptable by the principal.
Ways to Develop and Reinforce positive behavioural patterns:
Teachers should always try to encourage and rainforce positive behaviour of students. Below are some guidelines that will help to develop such patterns.
Treat students in a fair and non-discriminatory fashion at all times.
Consider the age and needs of all students.
Develop activities that show positive behaviour.
Praise positive behaviour, efforts and works done.
Written Warnings Misdemeanour:
Repetition of any of the previous behaviours.
Using inappropriate language towards teachers or peers.
Damaging school property.
Fighting in school.
Malpractices during tests.
Suspension from the school/class for 2 days or more.
Displaying a negative attitude towards the school or society
Bringing fireworks to school.
Bringing tapes or pictures deemed inappropriate by the school.
Showing disrespect towards teachers.
Drug or alcohol abuses.
In the first instance a student will be suspended from the school. A repetition of this conduct would result in suspension from the School premises.
Suspension from the school/class until the examination. The student will be allowed to take the examination.
Record Keeping
The school will keep records of all disciplinary actions taken in the file of each student for referral at any time. Parents will be informed at all stages if a student is behaving in an unacceptable manner. Their help and co-operation will be sought in order to solve the problem and steer the student back onto the correct path.